On Thursday 10/11, the CCSD Board of Trustees held public comment and debate over Agenda 4.0 - Resolution to Support Fund Our Future Nevada. Several spoke in favor of adopting a resolution that would encourage CCSD to collaborate with Fund Our Future Nevada (FOFNV). With the adoption of this resolution, CCSD cites their role in collaboration with FOFNV leads to agreement that Nevada is among the lowest in the nation in funding public education, there is a correlation to poorly funded schools and poor student performance within the standards taught, new revenues to fund public education is necessary, among various other factors that take a toll upon the quality of education Nevada is currently providing to our students. To read the final draft of this resolution, click here. The FOFNV presentation can be found here.

During the public comments period for Agenda 4.0, NEA-SN President Chet Miller pointed out that NEA-SN and NSEA had already signed in support of FOFNV. He asks of the Board of Trustees "Why are teachers not knocking on our doors?" when referring to a previous comment made about teacher salaries being "so wonderful." President Miller further challenged the Board of Trustees to look at how higher level of professionals are treated in correlation to their salaries, reminding them that wanting the most competent of doctors to conduct surgery means that a skilled doctor is paid his worth. With salaries being a large portion of the budget, President Miller stated that "Teachers are not a burden on this budget," further expressing that "We should not be blamed for the funding issues."

Fellow union sister Autumn Tampa from ESEA also challenged the board to face realities within their budget. She further extended the invitation to CCSD administrators to work in the current vacancies to get an idea of why educational support professionals (ESPs) deserve a better salary. Citing that the resolution would help provide to salaries for all, Autumn challenged the Board of Trustees to "Go in as a sub teacher or support staff sub to see what it is like."

Fellow NEA-SN member Robert Cowles expressed he supported the passing of this resolution, citing that there isn't only a critical teaching shortage in Nevada, but especially in CCSD, that has led to hundreds of classrooms without highly qualified teachers. Correlating the current situation of CCSD's overcrowded classrooms, Robert asked "Who is going to teach those classes when you can't even to come here?," let alone finding there is a lack of respect among the ranks within the employees and salaries.

The next CCSD School Board Meeting will be held on Thursday 11/8 starting at 5:00 PM. We encourage members to show up and speak out about the elements that are beyond our control that are affecting our profession: the recently passed negotiated contract has no working conditions addressed and appears to leave a gaping hole open for possible freezes down the road, our crumbling healthcare that has become beyond affordable for any given teacher in CCSD, the growing list of tedious professional responsibilities that often resembles repetitive busy work, etc.

If you wish to speak upon these issues or others you have found that impact your classroom and our profession, please sign up to speak at the next school board meeting! Call (702) 799-1072 to be placed on the speaking list. Board meeting agendas usually come out 7-10 days before a meeting. We will keep you informed of what items will be on the meeting agenda.