Frequently Asked Questions

What worksite representation will NEA-SN offer?
Members will be represented by site-based leaders or attorneys depending on the severity of the case. Formal grievances, via board policy, will be filed by NEA-SN staff who will assist members throughout the process.

Will I have professional legal liability coverage if I join NEA-SN?
You will have the NEA Educator Employment Liability program. Payment of court-ordered civil liability up to $1,000,000 such as damages assessed against you. Subject to $3,000,000 per
occurrence aggregate for all claims. (READ the ELL Q and A for more details)

What legal defense funds does NEA-SN have for terminations and suspensions?
As an NEA-SN member you will receive legal defense services per the NEA/NSEA legal services policy.

Will I be protected under NEA/NSEA’s $1 million professional liability insurance?
Yes, as a NEA-SN member you will receive the protected of NEA/NSEA’s $1,000,000 Professional Liability Insurance which fully protects you for lawsuits tied to your employment as an educator.

If I join NEA-SN can CCEA discriminate against me or refuse to represent me?
No, Nevada law prohibits CCEA from discriminating against people who chose to be represented by another union nor can CCEA refuse to represent members of the bargaining unit who are not members of the union.

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