Martin Luther King, Jr.,  once said “The quality, not the longevity, of one’s life is what is important.”  In that sentiment, we can definitely say that the life of Loretta Harper was important because she had a life of quality.  Loretta lived an engaged life with her students, her union, the democratic party, and with her friends. Activism and Loretta became synonymous, especially when it came to education. Whether it was with rank and file members or Senators and Governors, Loretta was a fierce advocate for those issues that impact our lives and the lives of our students. She had the gift of convincing others to join with her in her advocacy.  Many of us in NEA-SN are involved because of Loretta. She had an energy that was infectious and like a wave on the ocean, we would get carried along for the ride.

The loss of Loretta leaves a hole that will be difficult to fill.  People like her are a rare, but we will continue to persevere, as she would.  We will do the hard work as she would. We will raise our voices against those who dare to hurt us or the children we serve as she would.  Most importantly, we will continue to work the campaigns of those candidates who seek to improve our professional and personal lives as she would.

Although we are sad and her loss will be felt deeply, we will need to continue the work to which Loretta devoted herself.  As Loretta herself would do, we should all be volunteering on a campaign, engaging a non-member, and serving on a committee.  All would be great ways to continue her legacy because nothing would make her more happy than seeing the organization that she helped form continue to grow and thrive.

If you wish to say farewell to Loretta, please join us at the following events:

Viewing and Funeral Service:
Palm Mortuary
1325 N. Main Street
Viewing: Friday 9/28 3-7 PM
Funeral: Saturday 9/29 11 AM - 1 PM

The NV State Democratic Party will then be hosting a gathering after the funeral service. Please contact Sam Lieberman at (702) 286-0739 or r[email protected]. This gathering will be held at Dona Maria’s Tamales Restaurant at 310 S. Las Vegas Blvd.