NEA of Southern Nevada is proud to announce Board Watch! Come on down on Thursday June 13th to see what this is all about! Please RSVP by clicking here!

What is Board Watch?
Board Watch is a group of members who work collaboratively with educators, educational support professionals (ESPs), parents, students and community members to be more involved in the attendance and participation at Clark County School District School Board Meetings and Work Sessions. This group will work collectively to bring about positive and productive changes through specific eye-catching strategies and promoting a strong voice for public education and our students by speaking directly to specific agenda items.

Who is currently participating in NEA-SN's Board?
Currently, this is a new committee that has formed within NEA-SN under the direction of President Vicki Kreidel. Aligning with NEA-SN's vision to be member-engaged and member-driven, this committee is made up of NEA-SN's officers, Board of Directors, members, and allies of education from across the school district and state.

When does Board Watch meet?
During the school year, Board Watch will meet the Saturday before each CCSD School Board Regular Meeting. During summer hours and school breaks, Board Watch will meet the day before CCSD School Board Work Sessions and the day of Regular Meetings.

Where does Board Watch meet?
Board Watch meets at the Nevada State Education office located off of Harmon/Pecos at 3511 E. Harmon Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89121.

What will be discussed during the Board Watch meetings?
During the Board Watch meetings, you can expect that discussion will be held on what eye-catching strategies will be utilized, as well as in-depth discussion of each CCSD School Board Work Session/Regular Meeting agenda item. Short trainings on speaking strategies are also included for those who wish to hone their public speaking skills.

If I become part of Board Watch, do I have to speak at the CCSD School Board Meetings?
No. While we would love each member of Board Watch to speak, we know that public speaking in this manner may not be for everyone. However, we wish to encourage ALL educators and our allies to attend and participate through some of the eye-catching strategies we will be using to engage CCSD Board of Trustees in a manner that will not distract from those who are willing to speak at the microphone.

I would like to be an ally of NEA-SN's Board Watch. How do I go about being one?

Being an ally of NEA-SN's Board Watch means you are a community member or part of an organization that have the same goals as NEA-SN: to bring about positive and productive changes for public education, the teaching profession, and the learning conditions of our students. If you would like to be part of our Board Watch committee, would like to address Board Watch at a meeting, or look at other avenues on how to participate with us, please do not hesitate to contact us! We want to work with anyone who is looking to bring about the changes that improve our students' learning conditions!

Please do come on down on Thursday June 13th to see what this is all about! Please RSVP by clicking here!

If you have questions about NEA-SN's Board Watch or are looking to get involved, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you!


NEA-SN Point of Contact:
Karlana R. Kulseth, M.Ed.
NEA of Southern Nevada
E: [email protected]
O: (702) 733-7330 x5016
C: (702) 596-2623