Over the last week, NEA-SN leaders collaborated on how to build continuing efforts to engage members in conversations about the various issues we face within our profession. As your leaders, we look to you to help guide the overall voice, drive and actions NEA-SN will take every day to educate our community about our working conditions and the state of our classrooms.

As we continue to grow, we are finding that while issues in the classroom and our profession may be similar from one member to the next, it is each and every unique story that helps piece the bigger picture together: We need to demand drastic changes within our contract and the mandates placed upon us at the state's legislative level.

As we approach the 2019 Nevada Legislative Session, it is important for us to speak up and be vocal about the issues at hand: unaddressed work conditions that continue to deteriorate our profession with each passing year, an outdated funding formula that funds our educational system, a demanding evaluation tool that gives leeway to subjectivity by administrators, overcrowded classrooms, the growing crisis of not having a highly-qualified teacher in every single classroom in our district, and so many other issues. These just barely touch the surface of what we need your help with in addressing and speaking with elected officials.

Your NEA-SN leaders are forming a Listening Tour across the valley where we sit and listen to your stories and concerns, as well as your suggestions and ideas. We are looking to work with members to speak not only at school board meetings to help make the CCSD School Board of Trustees see that our problems within the classroom are only growing, but also to elected officials during the 2019 Nevada Legislative Session. Without your voice, without your testimony, how many other bills could possibly be passed to place more unfunded mandates upon our shoulders? How many other bills could be passed that could alter our evaluations? Our curriculum and standards? Without your voice and engagement, legislators could alter our working conditions even more as soon as the next school year!

Be on the lookout for information about dates and location for our Listening Tour events. They will be shared on social media, by text and through our weekly newsletter. We look forward to working with you and listening to your stories, concerns and ideas.